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Animation & performance

Unique animation for your event.

Penny-farthing animation

From acrobatic stunts to comical antics, our animations on penny-farthings provide an unforgettable experience for all spectators. Whether you are young or old, you will be swept away by the excitement and enthusiasm that this unique form of entertainment brings.

So come and enjoy the spectacle as we enchant and surprise the audience with our live animations on penny-farthings. It will be an event to remember!

Combo-bike animation

Step into the world of a unique and vibrant animation with our amazing combo-bike! This ingenious vehicle, cut in two and joined into a unique unit, combines the best of both worlds: the front wheel of a bicycle and the rear wheel of a unicycle.

Our animator rides this combo bike and deftly maneuvers between the audience. With fluid movements and playful interaction, he engages the audience in his lively performance.

Whether it's funny moves, artistic acrobatics or interactive games, our animator knows exactly how to entertain and enchant the audience. Young and old alike will be captivated by the excitement of this unique form of entertainment.

Photo booth

Step back in time to the enchanting period of La Belle Époque with our unique photo booth experience! You'll go home with more than just a memory in your mind... also with a beautiful photo in La Belle Epoque style.

Our photo booth is not just another photo kiosk; it's a magical journey into the past. The beautiful backdrop transports you back to the opulent setting of that glorious period. You'll be immortalised as an aristocrat of that era, holding an authentic penny-farthing. Smile and shine! 


The penny-farthing, with its imposing front wheel and charming appearance, adds a unique element to any animated film.

Whether it is an adventure story from the past or an imaginative journey through time, the penny-farthing brings an undeniable charm and elegance to any scene. With its graceful silhouette and historical significance, it offers a unique opportunity to capture a striking and memorable moment.